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The Amateur Softball Association of Illinois is a not for profit corporation that follows the Constitution and By-Laws of the Amateur Softball Association of America. The Official Guide and Rule Book of the National ASA carries the most important rules and by-laws of softball. If in any direct conflict, National rules will take precedence.

The mission of the Amateur Softball Association of Illinois is to provide everyone in our jurisdiction an opportunity to participate in the great game of softball. The ASA of Illinois is committed to providing the best experience possible for our members.

Mens 50 & Over Fastpitch

Congratulations to Cobourg Force - Mens 50 & Over Champions!

WINNERS BRACKET                    
CLARKSON GRAIN LEGENDS                      
  FRIDAY 7:00 PM 1 CLARKSON GRAIN LEGENDS                  
  FIELD #1                      
      FIELD #1                  
  SAVALA PAINTERS                    
COBOURG FORCE                      
          SATURDAY 4:00 PM 11     COBOURG FORCE      
  FRIDAY 7:30 PM 2 COBOURG FORCE   FIELD #1              
  FIELD #2                      
NOHREN FARMS                      
      SATURDAY 9:00 AM 5                
      FIELD #2   COBOURG FORCE              
BAY AREA MERCHANTS                    
                  SUNDAY 11:15 AM 14 COBOURG FORCE
  FRIDAY 8:45 PM 3             FIELD #1   Champion  
  FIELD #1   OHIO BATTERY                  
OHIO BATTERY                      
LOSERS BRACKET                      
Midland Exployer Legends       Clarkson Grain Legends      
L1           L11            
  SATURDAY 11:00 AM Midland Exployer Legends              
  FIELD #2 6                    
          Salvia Painters SUNDAY 9:00 AM        
Nohren Farms   SATURDAY 1:30 PM 10     FIELD #1 13        
      FIELD #1           Clarkson Grain Legends      
  Salvia Painters                    
Bay Area Merchants                    
L3         SATURDAY 7:00 PM 12 Bay Area Merchants        
  SATURDAY 11:00 AM 7     FIELD #2              
  FIELD #1   Bay Area Merchants                
Salvia Painters                      
      SATURDAY 4:00 PM 9 Bay Area Merchants            
Ohio Battery   FIELD #2                  
  SATURDAY 1:30 PM 8                    
  FIELD #2   Ohio Battery                  
Nohren Farms                      


Class C Fastptich State Bracket

Updated July 31, 2016

Congratulations to the Broncos - State Champions! 

    Game 3 Sat  9 AM Broncos FP       2016 Fastpitch      
  Bronco FP                  
              Illinois ASA Class C State Tournament      
  G 1 Friday 8 PM Bronco FP                
      Sat 2:15 (9 C.I. Knights          
  Game 2 Friday 8 PM McMahon                
    Game  4 Sat 9 AM C.I. Knights              
          Sat 7 PM (12 Broncos      
    C.I. Knights                
      L9 Broncos FP            
  L5 Edwardsville         Sat 8:45 PM      
              If game (13 Broncos    
L1 Sibley  Sat 12:30 (7   McMahon              
        Sat 4 PM (11 Broncos          
  Sat 10:45 AM  6 McMahon                
L4 McMahon                  
              C.I. Knights      
      Sat 2:15 (10 McMahon            
L2 Edwardsville                  
  Sat 10:45 AM  (5 Lee's Falcons                
L3 Lee's Falcons   Lee's Falcons              
    Sat 12:30 (8                
  L6 Sibley                


2017 Fastpitch State Tournaments

                             2017 Illinois ASA Adult Fastpitch Tournaments


It is time to get registered and signed for our Illinois ASA State Fastpitch Tournaments.  The Mens Fastpitch Tournament is scheduled for July 28-30 in Forsyth.  The Wooden Bat Tournament will also be in Forsyth and scheduled one week later, August4-6.  The entry fees, to a certain extent, will be based on the number of teams entered but at this time, we are projecting an eye-popping fee of $200 for the State Fastpitch and $250 for the Wooden Bat Tournament.  As an extra incentive, teams that participate in the Mens Fastpitch will receive a $10 discount for the Wooden Bat Tournament.   Therefore, it is possible that teams can enter BOTH tournaments for a fee of $440. 


A minimum of eight teams are expected for both Forsyth Tournaments.  Both will be double elimination tournaments.  The top four teams will be seeded and will be in opposite brackets.  The remaining teams will be bracketed by blind draw.  Class A and Foreign pitchers (also class A) are eligible if they have not participated in a USA Softball Major or Class A State, Metro or National Tournament this year.  Interpretation of our pitching rule for this year?  We want Class A pitchers to be allowed to participate but we wantto highly discourage teams from bringing in a hired gun just for our tournament.  The deadline for entering the tournaments is July 17.



To enter, please fill out the attached form, which can be used for either tournament.  Use separate entry forms if you plan to enter both events.  See you in Forsyth soon!


2017 Entry Form Illinois Open Fastpitch State Tournaments


Team Name_________________  Manager________________




Cell______________   Email____________________________

Mens Wooden Bat Fastpitch

Congratulations Miller Lite/ Teutopolis - 2016 Wooden Bat Champions!,Illinois ASA
  McMahon Meats/Teutopolis - 0                
  9PM Friday (3  Kelso Fastpitch - 0              
  West Diamond                
  Kelso Fastpitch - 2                
    3 PM Saturday (12 Lees Sports Falcons- 1            
Franny's/Springfield - 2   East Diamond              
7 PM Friday (1 Budweiser - 3                
West Diamond                  
Donewald Budweiser/Teutoplis - 9 9 AM Saturday (5 Lees Sports Falcons - 2              
  West Diamond                
  Lees Sports Falcons - 4   11 AM Sunday (18 Miller Lite/Teutopolis - 3        
      East Diamond            
  Stallions/Belleville - 9         Miller Lite/Teutopolis      
          3 PM Sunday (21 Champion      
  9 AM Saturday (6 Stallions/Belleville - 2     East Diamond        
Joe's Pizza-Coors Light/Teutoplis - 4 East Diamon       W20        
7 PM Friday (2         Lees Sports Falcons - 0        
East Diamond Joes Pizza/Coors Light - 1                
The Freight/Vandalia - 2   5 PM Saturday (13 Miller Lite/Teutopolis - 2            
    East Diamond              
  Ramsey Financial/Bowen - 1                
  9 PM Friday (4 Miller Lite/Teutopolis - 4              
  East Diamond                
  Miller Lite/Teutopolis - 3                



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