To honor those men and women from the State of Illinois who have played a major role in the development of the game of softball as one of America’s greatest sports.


To help bring to the attention of the people of the State of Illinois and America, the widespread value and interest in the game of softball by honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to its success.




To be selected for the Illinois  USA/ASA State Hall of Fame, a person must have been an active player in the A.S.A. and in the State of Illinois and a person whose active playing days have been terminated for a minimum of three* (3) years.  It is anticipated that all nominees have been a credit to A.S.A. Softball both on and off the field.  Participation in master’s level competition does not negate a former player’s retirement status.  *Still active players can be considered upon reaching the age of 50.


The length of playing time is to be considered as a factor in the evaluation of candidates.  No minimum is required.  Fame of state level shall be used as a gauge for candidacy while fame on a national level shall enhance a candidate’s chances of recognition.  It will require more than local fame on a local level.  Major consideration shall be given to those players earning All Tournament Selection at USA/ASA State Tournaments.


Competition against teams recognized nationally from outside the State of Illinois also will be considered a factor in the consideration of candidates.


Any candidate who has been selected to the National USA/ASA Hall of Fame will automatically qualify for admittance to the Illinois State USA/ASA Hall of Fame.


Three letters of reference, one of which must be from a commissioner, and factual and good information must be submitted to the committee before a candidate will be accepted unless unusual circumstances exist.  Scrapbooks are acceptable as well as newspaper clippings.  Statistics are desirable.  Nominators should furnish 2 copies of all materials.  We are seeking a complete resume’ that can be substantiated.


The Illinois USA/ASA Hall of Fame was originally established for players only but the Commissioner’s Council amended this rule in 1972 to include sponsors, umpires, managers, sportswriters, and those qualifying under meritorious service.  The gauge for selection shall be 15 years in all categories other than players.


Players not accepted must be resubmitted the following year, unless held over by the committee for consideration due to a technicality.  (It is recommended that Commissioners and members of the committee keep all of their files on the Hall of Fame nominees not selected from all of the previous years, for further reference.)  If not accepted in first two years, the nominee can be carried for a third year of consideration by a majority vote.









A specially designed plaque shall be given those selected by the Illinois State USA/ASA Hall of Fame Committee.




Announcement of the year’s recipients of awards will be made at the yearly meeting of the Illinois Commissioner’s meeting held in the spring of every year or in an appropriate news release.  Special stories and news releases could be sent to the home areas of the selectees, as directed by the Commissioner from the area.


Presentation of awards will be made at the Annual Hall of Fame Banquet or a special gathering, game or meeting, arranged by the area association or the State Commissioner, thus providing the selectee with the proper maximum attention.


It is suggested that this affair be scheduled in the spring or at the beginning of the year’s softball season or at a tournament.




Each commissioner shall have the opportunity to nominate no more than two (2) from his own area or from throughout the state.  The nomination shall be made on the proper form. It is suggested that a committee be formed on a local level by each member of the Hall of Fame Committee to help select nominees.  This should help get recognition of players who were active before the committee member’s recollection.


Nominations will close on October 31 of every year, and nominations must be in the hands of the Illinois State USA/ASA Commissioner by November 1st of every year or in the hands of the Illinois State Hall of Fame Chairman.  It is recommended that no more than 6-10 may be selected in any one year.  It is also recommended that at least two-thirds of those selected shall be players.




The permanent Illinois State Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee of Illinois USA/ASA and the Illinois State Commissioner as an ex-officio member.


Upon receipt of the nominations by the chairman of the Illinois Hall of Fame Chairman or the Illinois State Commissioner, a list of  the nominees will be made available to members of the Illinois State Hall of Fame Committee.  The committee should carefully study study these nominees  so they will be acquainted with them by the time the yearly Executive Committee meeting for the State of Illinois is held or a special meeting is called.  In rare cases, it may not be possible to get materials to the committee before the winter meeting.









The selections will be made at the yearly meeting of the Illinois State Executive Committee meeting or if deemed advisable, at a special meeting of the Hall of Fame Committee.  It is required that at least seven (7) of the committee members be present to establish a quorum and conduct a meeting.  It requires a ¾ vote of the members attending to elect a candidate to the Hall of Fame.  Mail vote may be taken.


Announcement of the selections will be made prior to the adjournment of the committee meeting or at an appropriate time.


It is the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual in the softball field and the standing Illinois State US/ASA Committee Hall of Fame Committee is requested to be aware of their great responsibility to the individuals selected and to the others nominated.


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The Illinois Amateur Softball Association also has a team/organization category to its Hall of Fame.  The Illinois USA/ASA Executive Committee makes the final selections.  Balloting is completed at the same time of the individual Hall of Fame selections and teams are recognized at the Annual Hall of Fame Banquet.  Existing criteria are team longevity, frequent major success in Illinois USA/ASA State Tournaments and/or winning an USA/ASA *National Championship Tournament.  Nominations can be submitted to any Illinois USA/ASA commissioner for submission to the Executive Committee for consideration.  Written information must be provided.  Statistical information highly recommended.

*Executive Committee determines what qualifies as a National Championship Tournament








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