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Thousands of ASA Teams were insured for ASA regular season and Championship Tournament play under the ASA Team Insurance Plan last year - a valid testimony to the worth and value of this insurance plan. With the sponsorship of ASA, the financial strength of the Markel Insurance Company, and the efficient and dedicated service of Bollinger, you're getting perhaps the best insurance package you can buy!

The Package Insurance Plan includes:

                             $2,000,000 of Liability Insurance Protection.Underwritten by Markel Insurance Company (Markel)This is primary liability protection written on an "occurrence basis." It includes coverage for lawsuits brought against you by participants (this is very often excluded in other policies). Protection is provided for your team, league, and sponsors from lawsuits brought against you for both bodily injury and property damage claims arising out of your team's amateur softball activities, including practices, games, exhibitions and tournaments. This policy has a $5,000,000 aggregate limit for Bodily Injury or Property Damage Claims.

                             Exclusions under the Liability Insurance Plan. In addition to the usual exclusions found in the standard commercial general liability policy, there is no coverage for automobile liability; nor for the furnishing, serving or selling of any alcoholic beverage; nor for acts of an intoxicated person.

                             $250,000 Accident Medical Expense Coverage is provided by Markel Insurance Company (Markel) for accidental injuries to your team members. This covers players, managers, coaches and scorekeepers for injuries incurred during games, practices, tournaments and/or group travel as a team (directly to and from team activities). This is EXCESS insurance and only comes into play after you have utilized your personal, group medical insurance, or any health benefit plan, first. If you have no other applicable insurance, this policy will pay on a PRIMARY basis.

                             There is a $500 deductible per injury. Benefits, including surgical procedures, are paid on a usual and customary basis. The policy only covers medical and dental bills which are incurred within 365 days of the date of injury. Medical services must begin within sixty days of accident.  There is a 90/10 coinsurance.

                             $5,000 Accidental Death and $10,000 Accidental Dismemberment coverage is an added benefit under the accident policy if an accidental injury to a team member results in death or dismemberment within one year of the date of covered injury.  For more info see the "FAQ" section.

                             Notable Exclusions under the Accident PlanNo benefits will be paid for a loss caused by or resulting in the following:

                1.            service or treatment rendered by a doctor or any other person employed or retained by the Policyholder;

                2.            eyeglasses or contact lenses, hearing aids and the examination for the prescription or fitting thereof;

                3.            expenses for treatment on or to the teeth, except for treatment resulting from injury to natural teeth;

                4.            hernia of any kind;

                5.            injury covered by worker's compensation or similar legislation, or automobile no-fault law;

                6.            first aid rendered at the scene of the accident;

                7.            any sickness or bodily illness;

                8.            air travel, except on a commercial aircraft operating on a regularly scheduled passenger route; or

                9.            injuries received as a consequence of the injured party's intoxication (alcohol or drug related); as defined by the laws of the jurisdiction where the loss occurred.

Important Note: Team insurance policies renewed prior to April 1st will have an effective date of January 1, 2013. For renewals received on or after April 1st, the effective date will be the day after postmark on the envelope or the day after credit card is approved. As in the past, the effective date for new policies is the day after postmark on the envelope.

For a quote on rates, please contact an ASA Representative at 800-526-1379.


Important Features

                             This is the 50th year that ASA and Bollinger have teamed up to offer Softball Team Insurance. Improvements have been made every year to keep pace with the changing needs of softball teams. 

                             Coverage is effective the day after postmark of your signed enrollment form and valid check. Coverage continues from the effective date until December 31st.

                             This insurance is available only to teams that register with the Amateur Softball Association of America/USA Softball for the current season.

                             If all teams within a league purchase the liability insurance, then the interests of the league and all league officers are automatically covered at no additional cost.

                             Coverage may not be canceled. Therefore, no refunds of premium can be made.

Adult Teams: Use Waiver and Release Roster Forms for an even lower premium!

Leagues that utilize waiver and release liability roster forms, signed by every member of every team in their league, can enjoy a lower rate for team insurance. If you select this option, the waiver and release forms will be sent to you with the certificate. The roster form must be signed by every player on every team. In event of a liability claim, you must submit a copy of the signed roster with your claim report.

Bollinger's ASA Insurance Hotline 1-800-526-1379Claims ONLY: 1-866-267-0093

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