• 2014 HOI League Information

    Heart of Illinois Fast-pitch Softball League

    By-Laws - 2014

    I.      Organization

    a)      This league shall be called the Heart Of Illinois Girls Fast-pitch Softball League (HOI)

    b)      There will be an annual meeting around the first Sunday in February for the purpose of electing officers and scheduling games

    c)      The League shall consist of eight (8) age divisions in accordance with ASA rules as long as there are at least three teams in an age group.

    1.      10 & Under

    2.      12 & Under

    3.      14 & Under – “A” & “B”

    4.      16 & Under – “A” & “B”

    5.      18 & Under – “A” & “B”

    II.      HOI Officers

    a)      The Officers shall be for a term of one (1) year.  Officers will make up the HOI Board of Directors (Board)

    1.      The Board will consist of up to four (4) members, consisting of:

    ·         President

    ·         Vice-President

    ·         League Coordinator

    b)      Officers will be compensated a nominal amount to cover miscellaneous expenses, including but not limited to, travel, postage and telephone associated with the HOI.

    c)      The League Coordinator works with the coaches to secure scores from division games

    III.      League Membership Requirements

    a)      HOI dues for the year will be $50 to be paid at or prior to the annual meeting

    b)      All teams must register with the HOI in order to be allowed to schedule games

    IV.      ASA Affiliation

    a)      Each HOI team will register with the ASA

    b)      The HOI will accept the Illinois ASA's offer to send each of the HOI's age group division winners to the ASA Northern National Tournament

    c)      To be eligible for these berths you must send in your scores and complete the games prior to July 1

    d)     The following criteria will be used in the case of a tie within a division:

    1.      HOI league head to head competition

    2.      Average HOI league games defensive runs allowed

    3.      Average HOI league games offensive runs scored

    4.      Coin flip


    V.      Games Rules And Regulations

    a)      ASA fast-pitch rules shall be used with the following exceptions:

    1.      The first game of the double header will count in the HOI standings.  Teams are encouraged to play all their players a full game during an HOI doubleheader.

    2.      Usually the first meeting of the year between division teams counts in the HOI standings.  NOTE: If all teams in a division agree that their division will play two (2) HOI games, it will be allowed.  In no case should these two (2) games be played on the same night (see #1 above).

    3.      A team may play with a minimum of 8 players (the 9th player's spot in the batting order will be an out)

    4.      Game time shall be forfeit time

    5.      If a rainout occurs it shall be the responsibility of both managers to find a time to reschedule

    6.      All games must be completed by July 1

    VI.      Umpires

    a)      It shall be the home team's responsibility to provide two (2) ASA patched umpires.

    b)      It is the home team's responsibility to provide game balls (a minimum of one new ball per game)

    c)      The home team shall pay all umpire fees.

    VII.      Rules Committee

    a)      The rules committee shall consist of the HOI board

    b)      All disputes will be handled by the rules committee

    VIII.      Liability

    a)      All teams must carry their own medical and liability insurance

    IX.      Code Of Ethics

    a)      Team managers will be responsible for the conduct of their team, fans, and personal actions

    b)      All HOI teams are expected to conduct themselves in the proper manner emphasizing the enjoyment of the competition versus a win at all cost mentality

    c)      Spectators are not allowed on the field of play.

    d)     Remember:  the visiting team is your guest.  Treat them as such!

    e)      Any coach that is sanctioned by the ASA will likewise be sanctioned by the HOI

    X.      Awards

    a)      If funds are available, teams that elect to participate in the ASA Northern National Tournament, as representatives of the HOI, will be given a donation.  The amount of any such donation will be determined by the HOI President, not to exceed $100.00

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