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The Amateur Softball Association of Illinois is a not for profit corporation that follows the Constitution and By-Laws of the Amateur Softball Association of America. The Official Guide and Rule Book of the National ASA carries the most important rules and by-laws of softball. If in any direct conflict, National rules will take precedence.

The mission of the Amateur Softball Association of Illinois is to provide everyone in our jurisdiction an opportunity to participate in the great game of softball. The ASA of Illinois is committed to providing the best experience possible for our members.

Mens Fastpitch State Tournaments Announced

Dates and locations for the Mens 2018 Illinois Fastpitch State Tournaments have been announced.

- The Mens Wooden Bat Tournament will be held in Altamont July 27-29.  Interested teams can contact Rich Well at or Ryan Beccue at .

- The Mens Fastpitch Invitational State Tournament will be held in Forsyth August 3-5.  Teams should contact Don Brewer at 618-525-1986 or .

2018 USA Softball of Illinois Mens Slopitch State Tournaments

The 2018 USA of Illinois Slopitch State Tournaments have been announced.  We hope that you will join in on the fun this year!

      Mens D and E Tournament           July 20-22                                 Decatur
      Mens  C Tournament                      August 3-5                                Pekin
      Coed Tournament                           August 10-12                            Alton
D and E:  Lloyd Nelson, 618-534-1729
C:  Bob Adams, 309-657-4065
Coed:  Dean Emerick, 618-560-6061                        


Co-Ed Drive Interest Through Changes

USA Softball of Illinois

Coed State Tournament

Has Big Changes for 2017


In attempts to generate more interest in the Illinois State Coed Tournament, officials have made some big changes.


The following format will be in effect for this year’s event.


*Teams declare if they are Class C or D prior to start of the tournament.

*Home run rule changes based on the class of the teams in a given contest.  *D teams are allowed to pick up 2 C players.  *Highest finishing D team declared D State Champ.  *Highest finishing C team declared C State Champion.


The tournament is scheduled for August 11-12 in Alton.  The entry fee is $335 payable by July 8th.  Remit entry to your local commissioner OR to Dean Emerick or Don Brewer. 

2017 Men's Class "C" - North State Tournament


2017 Men’s Class "C"- North State Tournament

Illinois A.S.A.

August 4-5

1. For more information about the Quad Cities call 1-800-747-7800 or the web at For happenings in Rock Island or the Rock Island District

Hotel Info: Jumer’s Casino Rock Island 800-477-7747 or Holiday Inn Rock Island 309-794-1212.

2. Tournament Site:

Rock Island Campbell Sports Complex

29th Street and Andalusia Road, Rock Island, IL 61201, 309-732-2277 Todd Winter,

3. Registration:

 All teams should register for the tournament with their local ASA Commissioner. A list of commissioners and their area is on the following page.

Check the Illinois ASA website or the ASA website .

 Please refer to the 2017 Illinois ASA brochure for all rules regarding eligibility. It is the player and manager’s responsibility to know the rules. Ignorance is not an excuse for disobeying the rules.

 All ASA Slow Pitch Tournaments have an entry deadline of 14 days before the beginning of the tournament; so don’t delay. The deadline for this tournament is July 21, 2017.

Tournament entry fee of $335.00 and a completed team roster* is required before your team will be entered into the tournament.

 If you have any reclassified players, they should bring their letter of reclassification to be legal eligible players.

 Players may play in only one Class per year. If you play in C you are ineligible to play in B, D, or E. Likewise, if you play or played in B, D, or E, you are ineligible to play in C.

* Rosters may have a maximum of 20 players this includes 3 pickup players if your team should advance to the ASA North Nationals.

4. Tournament Rules:

 ASA Championship Rules will be in effect!

 All players will be checked before the start of your first game of the tournament. All players will need a photo ID. No ID-no play, so have your ID’s ready. Picture ID is required on your person during the tournament for proof of eligibility.

 Pitchers are allowed 3 warm up pitches in the first inning; this should not take more than one minute. After the 1st inning pitchers are allowed 1 warm-up pitch. Warm-up pitches causing delays after the first inning will give the umpires cause to award the first batter of the inning a ball. This does not include umpire delays.

 Team jerseys and hats should match or be similar in color and jerseys must have a minimum of 10" numbers on the back. Taped numbers or duplicate team numbers will not be accepted.

All teams should be at the ballpark and checked in ready to play 60 minutes prior to their scheduled game time for each game. After the first round, team managers should check with the tournament director for their next game time. Forfeit time is one hour before scheduled game time. Team managers only should check with the tournament director on their next game time if

there is any question about game times.

●Banned Bats: Bats will be checked each game and any ASA non-approved or banned bat will be taken and held until the end of the tournament. It will be the responsibility of the team manager to retrieve the bat at the end of the tournament. Please check for an updated list of banned and non-approved bats.

 No Jewelry: No person should wear rings, necklaces, or earrings

 Dug Outs: Only rostered players, managers and sponsors will be allowed. Due to insurance reasons, No Bat Boys or Bat Girls. No drinking or smoking in dugouts!

 Warm-Up Areas: are past the outfield fences and in the soccer fields only.


5. Tournament Bracket:

Double elimination-ASA bracket along with game times will be sent within 5 days of tournament. Also additional sites may be used as required. Bracket may be altered due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

6. Facility Rules:

No pop, beer or food may be brought into the facility. No alcohol will be allowed in the facility parking lot. We have a concession stand that will serve your needs or visit a local vendor or restaurant. Only water coolers will be allowed! No Pets of any kind are allowed.

Tournament Director has full right to dismiss any player or team from the tournament for tampering or vandalizing City property, equipment, or grounds. This is your only warning. Managers are responsible for the actions of their teammates.

7. Admission:

Everyone entering the gate will be charged the first time through each day,

Player Passes will only be good for roster players and sponsors. This does not include scorekeepers, wives or friends. Players must have passes with them at all times or they will be charged with no exceptions. Managers need to request passes for sponsors before the tournament, no sponsor passes will be given once the tournament has begun. Sponsor pass request must be submitted in writing to the tournament director 5 days before the tournament. Limit two sponsor passes per team.

Free to rostered players and sponsor(s) with passes (Team shirts do not allow free admission, only passes and a limit of 2 sponsor passes per team.)

$5.00 per day for spectators. Ages 12 & under are free.

***Every player, manager, and sponsor will be charged $5.00 at the gate before your first game. You will receive a hand stamp at this time. When you check in with your team and are proven to be listed on the roster, show your hand stamp to the tournament director and you’ll be reimbursed the $5.00. You’ll also receive your player pass for the rest of the weekend at this time. No ID, No Stamp, No Roster, No Reimbursement.

8. Weather:

In case of rain, it is your responsibility to contact Todd Winter at the Complex: 309-732-2277. Please know your game number. Only one person per team (manager only) should call.

9. The top two teams will qualify for the ASA C National Tournament in Oklahoma City, OK September 1 - September 3, 2017. The top 2 teams will receive a paid berth.

If for any reason, you are unable to participate in the tournament, please contact Todd Winter

309-732-2277, immediately.

2017 Men’s Class "C"- North State Tournament

Illinois A.S.A.

August 4-6

Entry Form

Team Name_____________________________________

League Name/Park District________________________

Commissioners Referral____________________________

Manager’s Name_________________________________


City ___________________State__________Zip____________


Alternate Contact Name______________________________




*Entry Fee: $335

**Please make checks payable to Rock Island Park & Recreation Department. Return this form and check to 4303 24th St., Rock Island, IL 61201.

Contacts: Todd Winter 309-732-2277,

2017 Co-Ed State Tournament

Find out how to sign up for the 2017 Co-Ed State Tournament


TEAM NAME: ____________________________________ CLASS: ____________

MANAGER’S NAME: _________________________________________________

EMAIL: _____________________________ CELL #: ________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________

CITY: _________________________ STATE: _____________ ZIP: ____________


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - REGISTRATION FORM - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




SEND FORM AND CHECK TO Your Local Commissioner, Dean Emerick, or Don Brewer

FOR ANY QUESTIONS: Dean Emerick, Tournament Director / / 618.560.6061




















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