Amateur Softball Association of Illinois Slopitch Rules



A.  Eligibility

          1.  An adult player may play in any State or Metro association during the current year.  If a player       

               chooses to play in a State or Metro association outside of his/her residence, he/she is

               ineligible for all play in his/her state of residence.  Check National Code for exceptions.

          2.  A team must register with the State/Metro Association in which the greatest number of

               players reside.

          3. Foreign players are eligible to play in ASA Championship play but NOT in our state

              invitational tournaments.  Foreign players are defined as citizens of other countries and foreign

              born US citizens who played for a non United States team in the past 12 months.

    A.  Rosters

           1. Slopitch rosters are limited to 20 players, including pick-ups.

          2. Slopitch teams may pick up three additional players to advance to the next tournament.

              Pickups must come from own local association.  Pick-up players are allowed to return to

              their own team the next year.

         3. Teams may also roster up to 3 “add-on” players from the next highest classification.

             For example, D teams can utilize 3 C players and E teams can utilize 3 D players.

             However, “add-on” players can play ONLY in that one class during the season.

         4. To monitor downward movement of players via the “add-on” rule, slopitch players can now be

             designated with a “Plus”.  For example, C Plus players cannot be used as “add-ons” in D, and D

             Plus players cannot be utilized as “add-ons” in the E state tournament.  Note:  C Plus players

             are not eligible to play in our Illinois ASA Invitational Class C State Coed Tournament.

        5.   Illinois ASA has compiled a Data Base of all slopitch players.  We have listings of C, D, and E

            players.  The Data Base, which is on this website, is used to monitor player rosters at the various

            slopitch state tournaments.  Some changes are anticipated prior to the beginning of the 2013

            state tournaments.

NOTE:  The ASA National Reclassification Committee takes precedence over Illinois.  National classifications will be in effect for all ASA National Tournaments.  For example, if a player is classified D in Illinois but carries a C National Classification, he cannot play in the D National Tournament unless he is used as an “add-on”.  Because all Illinois ASA Slopitch

                 State Tournaments are “invitational” tournaments, it is possible that a player could be eligible for our D State Tournament but may not be eligible for the D National Tournament unless he is one of the three “add-ons” each team is allowed.

             6.  Team and/or player reclassification requests should be submitted to one of the adult Illinois ASA commissioners listed elsewhere on this website.  Requests must be received by April 1, 2013 and action will be taken by the Executive Committee at their meeting on April 12. 2013.  

      B.    Use of pick ups, “add-ons” and reclassified players

        1.  Team rosters may not include more than a combination/total of five “add ons”, pick ups and/or reclassified players.

        2.   Teams advancing to ASA National Tournaments will be governed by National eligibility rules and regulations.


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