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Frequently Asked Questions for Individual Registration

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RegisterASA Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forgot my username or password? In order to keep your registration on schedule, DO NOT

CREATE A NEW PROFILE, as this will only delay the process. Go to the login screen and click the “Need

help logging in?” link. On the next page enter your email address and click the Submit button. If the

email address is found in the system you will receive an email from ASA Softball that will have a link that

will allow you to change your password. (You can also change your username on that same screen.)

What if I never receive the email to reset my password? Please submit a ticket through the

RegisterASA homepage explaining the issue. Please provide your email address when you submit the

help ticket.

What if I receive the message “your email is already in use”? First check and make sure that

another person is NOT using your email address in the system, such as your child or spouse. The best

way to do this is to login with the account for the specified email address. If you do not know the login

information click on the “Need help logging in?” link to reset the password for that email address.

However in order to do this you’ll need access to that email account.

If another family member is using your email address, then either create a new email account for you or

for the other family member so that you can use different email addresses. The system only allows one

email address per person, and will NOT allow duplicate addresses. Your unique email address is the

system’s way of identifying you. If you do not have an email account, you may go to;; or to obtain a FREE email account.

How do I register my team?

Every team must have a Team Administrator in order to register online. If you’re responsible for

registering your team, including all coaches and players, ensure that your profile has the “Team

Administrator” role selected by accessing you’re the page titled “Profile”.

Please read the following tips to help you register your team:

 On the Registration Menu click either the “Add New Team” button or the “View My Teams”


 If you use one of your previous teams you can create a current year registration by clicking the

“Add to New Season” link. You can then edit the team by removing previous players and adding

new players. You don’t have to do this all at one time. You can create the new season team and

then edit as necessary before creating your registration invoice.

 If you’re adding a new team, complete the information and then click the Add Team button.

 Under the fees grid three blue buttons will appear. Click “add member”

1. If available, type the Member’s ID number and date of birth and click “submit”.


2. Type the first name, last name, ZIP code and birth date, then click “submit”.

 Based on the results of the search for this member, you will either see a list of possible member

matches the system located, or you will see the new member form with the data you just

entered already filled out.

 If a correct match is found for the member you want to add click the Select button next to the

member’s name on the grid. Otherwise, add the person as a new member. (You will repeat this

procedure for each player and coach) then click “Add to Team”. If you know that the member

registered in a previous season try to obtain their Member ID so that you don’t unnecessarily

create a new profile.

What if I forgot to send my coaches a “Welcome Email”, can I still do that now? If you did not initially

click the box next to “send welcome email” on the coach’s profile page, return to the coach’s profile and

send the Welcome Email by checking the box and clicking the SAVE button. The “Welcome Email” will

ensure that the coaches login with the correct profile information. This allows for a more seamless

registration process when the coach submits for a background check or takes the ACE certification exam.

Can I submit my team for registration with existing issues? Most associations allow their users to

submit registrations with issues that are non‐critical in nature. (For example: birth certificates need to

be reviewed by Commissioner). Some issues are critical and will not allow you to submit without a

correction (background checks and ACE Certification requirements or an invalid age on a player). It is

suggested that you take care of all issues first, and then submit your team, as this will speed up your

registration process. Contact your local ASA commissioner for more information.

Why is the “submit” button grayed out?

 Check to make sure that you have selected the role of “Team Administrator” for your profile.

 Every team must have a “Team Administrator”. This is the person that is responsible for the

registration process, mailing in the fees, and distributing ID cards to your team members.

What is the difference between a standard roster and a championship roster?

 A Standard roster is one that a coach will use for all invitational tournaments.

 Some associations allow players on multiple Standard rosters. Check with your local ASA.

 A Championship roster will freeze your team’s players onto one roster for Championship play

such as National Qualifiers, State Tournaments, Regional Tournaments, and National

Tournaments. Only a local ASA Commissioner can move a player that is on an approved

Championship roster.

How do I create an invoice for my team’s registration? After you enter all of your players and

coaches, click the “Generate Invoice Preview” and review the information on the screen that follows. If

the information looks correct click the “Create Invoice” button to create the invoice. A box may display

to create an invoice and to choose roster type (standard or championship) if the local ASA allows this

option. When you send the invoice to your local ASA Commissioner, be sure to include your payment

and any required copies of birth certificates and background check consent forms.

I made a mistake when I created the invoice and the registration charges and insurance deductibles

are incorrect. How do I change the invoice? A team administrator can make any changes to the team or

roster as long as the team is in “Pending” status. If you’ve already submitted your roster, and the invoice

has been created, you will need to contact your local ASA Commissioner and ask him to VOID the

invoice. After the invoice is voided you may make the necessary changes to your registration, and create

a new invoice by clicking the “submit and create invoice” button again.


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