The USA Softball of Illinois is concerned with the number of teams that have declared themselves as “B” teams and apparently many coaches are also concerned based on the calls and emails we have been receiving. It remains up to you as coaches to keep the playing field level for all teams. Please look over the classification information listed below and use these guidelines when determining which class your team belongs in.

The “A” and “B” Team Classification is as follows:

  • “A” Team - A true traveling team that plays in travel tournaments in the state of Illinois as well as other states. The team finishes consistently in the top 75% of every tournament. Teams that finish in the bottom 25% will have the option to request consideration for “B” classification
  • “B” Team - The “B” program is designed primarily for teams created from non-traveling USA Softball leagues. No “B” classified team should play in excess of two (2) “A” classified tournaments. A “B” team cannot finish in the top 50% of any of these “A” tournaments. In addition, all teams who, in the previous years’ State Tournament, go 0-3 in Championship Play will have the option to request “B” classification consideration. This rule is for all age groups.

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