The USA Softball of Illinois Board Members know that managing a team is not a simple task. To aid you they have made "A Simple Guide to Managing a USA Softball of Illinois Travel Team" - a guide covering the topics of:

  • Age Group Commissioners/Travel Ball Staff
  • USA Softball of Illinois Individual Registration
  • Communication with USA Softball of Illinois Staff
  • Team Notebooks
  • Required Paperwork
  • Other Paperwork
  • Championship Play











Illinois ASA Youth & Deputy Director


NameAreaTelephone #Email Address

Bob AdamsIllinois ASA309-657-4065

Bruce EvansIllinois ASA309-830-3287



Illinois ASA Youth Commissioners


NameAreaTelephone #Email Address


Bob JamesPrinceton815-872-0579

Steve HasselBloomington309-662-2694

Bill SeidersSpringfield217-899-0636

Henry GoffEdwardsville618-406-5443

Bill HarrisMapleton309-253-5527

Dan CampSparland309-453-0960

Tony MollShelbyville217-827-3211








USA Softball of Illinois Web Site:


The USA Softball of Illinois web site provides a wealth of constantly updated information regarding USA Softball of Illinois, as well as links to related sites. Many of the forms you will need during the season are available on the website. The web site address is


Youth Commissioners:


Youth Commissioners are assigned to areas within the state. The name, address, phone number, and e-mail address for your YOUTH Commissioner can be found in the first few pages of the Team Management Book under the YOUTH Commissioners heading or on the web site. Take a moment to copy the information for your YOUTH Commissioner somewhere that will be readily accessible to you during the season.


Your YOUTH Commissioner is your first line of communication with USA Softball of Illinois staff. Any questions or issues should be discussed with your YOUTH Commissioner before you pursue other avenues. Please remember that USA Softball of Illinois staff is an all-volunteer staff. This means that most staff members have regular jobs they need to attend to during normal working hours, so be sure to allow a reasonable amount of time for an USA Softball of Illinois representative to get back to you. Staff members make every effort to return calls within 48 hours. You can help staff help you by following a few simple suggestions when you leave a message:


1. E-mail is best, please do not email and telephone on the same day.


2. Be sure to leave your name, your team's name, and a phone number(s) where you can be reached.


3. Include the reason for your call. Leave information as specific as possible. This way, your YOUTH Commissioner can find the information you need before returning your call. And, if you're not immediately available when your call is returned, it might be possible to leave the information you are looking for on your voice mail, thus alleviating marathon rounds of "telephone tag." 6


4. When you ask questions of your YOUTH Commissioner, don't ask for "what if" scenarios. Tell your YOUTH Commissioner the name of the player you're talking about and exactly what you're trying to do. This is the only way your Coordinator can be sure to give you the correct answer for your specific situation.


5. Let your YOUTH Commissioner know how early/late it is okay to call. Many YOUTH Commissioners do paperwork in the late evening/early morning hours before or after their regular jobs. If you're habitually up until 11:00 p.m. at night, include that information on the message you leave. Chances are you might get a return call that night instead of having to wait until the following day.


6. Do not call multiple staff members with the same question. Staff members work hard to respond as quickly and accurately as possible to team representatives. It can be disheartening for a staff member to spend time listening to your message, formulating a response, and trying multiple times to reach you only to be told, "Oh, yeah. I talked to so-and-so and he/she already told me that."




The first step toward managing an USA Softball of Illinois team is the registration of that team and players with the USA Softball of Illinois organization. You will do this by completing the "on-line" registration procedure and mailing your invoice with a copy of proof of age, ie: birth certificate, baptismal certificate, hospital certificate, driver's license, or valid passport along with the appropriate fees, to the address listed on the invoice. Please log on to, if you have not already done so, to register your team/players/managers/coaches. Incorrect information or information not provided may result in the decline or delay of your registration approval.


Once we have received your invoice and check or money order, your team/players/managers/coaches will be verified and approved, you will be mailed I.D. cards for your coaches and players. You should give your coaches their ID cards and players one I.D. card and keep the 2nd card for your records. It is PREFERRED that you register all of the managers and coaches on your team.


Individual registration has been implemented by Illinois to ensure that each and every player is recognized with the USA membership and has the full benefit of being insured by Bollinger-Fowler Insurance Company.  When you register your players, this insurance coverage stays with this player throughout the year and follows her if she chooses to leave your team. This insurance is designed as a benefit of their USA registration and is meant to supplement any existing coverage they may have with their parent's health plan. There is also a $2,000,000 liability policy to protect the players, coaches, and team against lawsuits arising out of their softball activities.


Each registered member receives their own ID card with their name, date of birth and insurance deductible printed on it. On the back of the card is information regarding the insurance coverage and the number to call in case of an accident claim. You can also get this information on the USA Softball of Illinois website with a link to Bollinger. This coverage is effective September 1st through August 31st of the current year. Requests for Certificates of Insurance naming field owners as additional insured should be directed as follows: . There is no additional cost for this.  




Most Managers find it helpful to create a team notebook in which to keep copies of all required paperwork. As a suggestion, the following items might be included:


1. Proof of ASA Registration: Until your registration process is completed, keep a copy of your invoice. Once completed, you will receive two (2) photo ID cards for your players. Keep one for your notebook and give one to the player's parents.


2. Proof of Insurance: You can print a team insurance certificate once your invoice has been approved on  It is a good idea to make several copies of the policy, since participation in some tournaments requires you to provide a copy to the tournament director upon registration.


3. Championship Roster: Once your roster is set for the State Tournament, go to  and update your standards roster to the championship roster. Again, you may find it useful to make several Xerox copies for mailing with tournament registration materials.


4. Individual Player Information: One easy way to keep all necessary information regarding players ID cards is to get a sheet protector, such as one that holds business card's, that holds up to ten (10) ID cards.


5. Copies of all completed tournament entry forms, USA Softball of Illinois travel request forms, and related items.


6. Other Items You Might Wish to Include: A listing of all players with home addresses and phone numbers, extra copies of the team's tournament and practice schedules, copies of information distributed to the players regarding team rules, etc.


7. Managers and coaches will also receive cards when they register. Photo ID cards are also available, though not mandatory. NOTE: It is required that all managers and coaches are registered.




Requirements for teams with "return" berths to the USA/ASA National Championship Finals from either the Northern National or last year’s USA/ASA National Championship Finals are:


1. All players, managers and coaches must be registered by June 15th of the current year.


2. Championship Rosters must be completed by June 15th of the current year.


3. Not less than five (5) returning players must be on the roster and at the USA/ASA Championship Finals, in uniforms and ready to play.


4. National Tournament Entry Form will be available from and signed by your Age Group Commissioner.


5. Roster change deadline is July 1st of the current year.






As a team Manager, you are required to do specific paperwork. It is important for both you and USA Softball of Illinois that these items be completed by the established deadlines found in the Team Management Book and on the website.




You are required to have in your possession a copy of a valid proof of age and photo identification for every player on your Championship Roster. The ID cards provided by USA Softball of Illinois through are accepted throughout the country [Article 501A-07-c]. This ID card fully complies with this article. Please be sure that the name on the photo ID card is exactly the same as shown on the player agreement and Championship Roster. If the name change was not legally accomplished, the player must use her legal name as it appears on her birth certificate.




In order to participate in championship play (any play that has the potential of leading to the USA/ASA National Championship or Northern National tournaments), you must complete a Championship Roster.




It is important that the players' names on this roster match exactly the players' names as listed on their photo ID cards and player agreement forms. The use of nicknames is not acceptable. If the proof of age says Jacqueline Porter, the roster should not say Jackie Porter. And if the proof of age says Cynthia Lewis, the roster may not list that player as Sissy Lewis!


Once you have obtained all player information, player signatures, and parent/guardian signatures for players under 18, you need to fill out the Manager's portion of the form. It is not necessary to have Championship Rosters notarized. Make a copy of the roster; this should be kept with your team records. You will need the original to enter championship tournaments. You may wish to make several copies of the original for submission with championship play tournament registration, since it is sometimes difficult to retrieve the original from one tournament director in time to submit it for your next tournament.


On the site you can print your team roster. This roster will have all of your players that are registered, in alphabetical order with their ID number. You will need to get the signature of the players and their parents if under 18.




Depending upon your team's goals for the season, it may be necessary to complete various other items during the season. Forms you will probably need include:




This form is required for entry in any USA Softball qualifying national tournament including, Hall of Fame Qualifier, Hall of Fame tournament, any National Qualifier, Regional, Gold Regional, Gold Sector tournaments and the National Championship tournament. You will also be required to submit this form for the Northern Nationals.  You may obtain this form by contacting the JO Director Bob Adams at 309-657-4065 or emailing him at .




Your team must be registered with USA Softball of Illinois by June 15th [10u to 18u] of the current year to be eligible for USA Championship Play. Our State Championship is open to all USA Softball of Illinois registered member teams.


Teams finishing 1st, in our State Tournaments will earn a berth to the National Championship Finals (USA/ASA national tournaments). Teams that participate in their Local Association 'A' Championships, but do not qualify for the USA/ASA National Championships, are eligible for the USA Northern 'A' National Championships. However, those teams must notify the tournament director or their respective Association YOUTH Commissioner immediately after the conclusion of their final game of their Associations Championships, of their intention to advance to the USA Northern National Championships or the team will be deemed no longer in Championship play, releasing the players to be pick-up players on teams still in Championship Play.




Teams that participate in their Local Association 'B' Championships, but do not qualify for the USA/ASA National Championships, are eligible for the USA Northern 'B' National Championships. However, those teams must notify the tournament director or their respective Association YOUTH Commissioner immediately after the conclusion of their final game of their Associations Championships, of their intention to advance to the USA Northern National Championships or the team will be deemed no longer in Championship play, releasing the players to be pick-up players on teams still in Championship Play.  




When your team has qualified to participate in the National Championship tournament you are required to notify your YOUTH Commissioner within 24 hours. It is allowable to make the initial notification by telephone, but please follow up your call with a written notice via email or fax. Be sure to provide your registered team name, the date your team qualified, and the event at which you qualified.




Once a team has qualified for a National Championship or Northern National tournament, three (3) additional players may be added to its roster, but you cannot exceed twenty (20) on the roster. These "pick up" players must be USA-registered for the current season. "Pick up" players may be chosen from only those teams that are no longer eligible for championship play. This means that there are either no remaining qualifiers in which the team may participate or that the team has formally announced (including notifying the YOUTH Commissioner) that it will no longer be participating in championship play during the current season.


Send the completed Player Pick Up form to the YOUTH Commissioner. The YOUTH Commissioner will verify eligibility of the "pick up" player(s), complete the form, and return it to the team Manager for presentation at the National Championship or Northern National tournament, fax copies are acceptable.






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