We hope that you plan your season around ASA Points Tournaments so that you can see how your team stacks up with the other teams in our area. ASA Points Tournament can be added to the site in November. Be sure to check the site often as tournaments will be added when approved. Additional benefits to your team for playing in ASA Points Tournaments are:

  1. Obtain a favorable seed in the Illinois ASA State Tournament. First round games are determined by a seeding process that places the #1 points team versus the last place points team, and repeated until all teams are placed into the bracket.
  2. Automatically earn a berth in the USA/ASA National Tournament (if available). The team with the most points after the Illinois ASA State Tournament receives a direct berth to the ASA National Championship
  3. Be awarded ASA National (formerly known as the ASA Northern National Tournament) berths when available

For a complete description of the Illinois ASA Points System click here.

Tournament Directors – please contact Bruce Evans at   to find out about having your tournament classified as an Illinois ASA Point Tournament.

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